Xbox Elite 2 Bluetooth Controller Pairing Problems Need Solving

Sometimes your system will display a Bluetooth pairing message with an Xbox Elite 2 controller. There can be multiple reasons for this issue.

I just bought an Xbox Elite Series 2 controller and was able to connect it to my computer via Bluetooth without any problems. However, the dilemma I’m running into is keeping the controller connected via Bluetooth.

xbox elite controller 2 bluetooth pairing

After using the controller for the first time and returning to the Come Back feature, I have to go through all the normal Bluetooth pairing processes again. Why doesn’t the controller stay connected to the PC via Bluetooth? Or why do I always have to go back to Bluetooth connection setup? If I turn off the controller and then turn it back on, the PC bluetooth will definitely not connect to the controller and I will have to reset the bluetooth connection. We will be gratefulThank you for any help.

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  1. Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller Cannot Connect Via Bluetooth To PC

    Does the Xbox Elite controller 2 have Bluetooth?

    Yes, the Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller has built-in Bluetooth support and easily connects wirelessly to Windows 10 PCs that also support Bluetooth.

    My Xbox Elite Series 2 controller did not immediately connect to my computer via bluetooth after updating the controller with Xbox accessories (on Xbox One). Whenever I connect via “Add a wireless or other device” in the “Devices” tab in Windows settings,A gamepad appears (like an Xbox wireless controller). But when I go there, it IMMEDIATELY shows “Try to reconnect the device.” It’s probably not a Bluetooth issue because other detectors can connect and when the operator is not in sync mode and I can still click on the “Xbox Wireless It Controller” option, a “Connecting…” message pops up. , and information technology is not an instant failure. I’m fine, I think it’s because the controller update messed up the wireless connection.


  2. xbox elite controller 2 bluetooth pairing

    Franky2k9 Get Users

    Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller Wi-Fi Problem!


    I’m trying to connect my 2018 Xbox Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller to my Ipad Pro 11 via Bluetooth Wireless but it can’t connect or is not recognized. Both series of controllers support Bluetooth. I’m connecting to another old Xbox
    Wireless carrier One S immediately.

    I would call Apple support and they told exactly what could be the problem, that Xbox Elite 3rd series controllers are not supported and not compatible with the iPad.

    I want to know if you had a specific problem and I want to ask if there will be a repair in the future to solve this problem? . At the moment, the device where Series 2 media is available from the IOS side is usually a Mac, and even that can stutter. For now, Series 2 controllers work fine on Android.
    Sorry if it doesn’t help, I myself am waiting for proprietary Bluetooth to be added to the IOS list normally

  3. XBF Diego M Get Users

    How do I connect my Xbox 2 Elite controller to my PC via Bluetooth?

    On a PC, click the Start button  and immediately select Settings > Devices > Bluetooth & other devices (Windows 11h: Settings > Bluetooth & devices).Activate Bluetooth.

    Can the Elite Series 2 connect to PC Bluetooth?

    I just got my Xbox Elite Series 2 controller and was able to connect to my PC via bluetooth without any problem.

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